It is common for kids to play games these days because of its importance in helping kids develop their mind. But this was not the case in the past as researches have shown that it indeed it plays a role in stimulating the mind and awake its senses and that’s the reason why parents, teachers and the government encourage kids to play games on computer and phone.

But it is important to choose those games that can be helpful for kids as it is observed that some of the games are not safe for kids especially younger kids as they might contain extreme violence, adult content and strong language.

As exposing kids to at such a young age can have a negative impact on a kids psychological state which can alter the cognitive mental abilities. It can also weaken the intellect of a young kid.

Therefore it is important to choose the best kids games on the computer and also on other devices such as mobile and tablets.

Since there are lots of games available in the market hence we made a list of the games that are safe and can help in the growth of your kid.

Best Kids Games On The Computer


Minecraft is one of the best kinds of games that your kid will enjoy. But it is also filled with monsters and bit of violence so the game is best suited for kids aged above 9. This game will give your kids a taste of construction, survivability.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail is a game which no doubt will inject a knowledge of geography and history at the same time. It will require your kids to engage their brains as the game is full of mystery that needs to be solved.

Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is a game that can help your kid understand the keyboard and how to press the keys. Without any doubt, this game will help your kid to improve their typing skills as it is required by the player to type the word that is displayed on the screen.


The above games are great kids games on the computer to start out with and there are other games as well that you can let your kids play. We hope you enjoyed our article and please check back soon for more articles related to this kind of topics.

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